About The Author

Marc Lewis first became enamored with comic books when he saw the original X-Men cartoon in his teens. He began to seriously collect comics that summer, even going so far as to work at a local comic book store so that he could receive 45% off cover price. He decided then that he wanted to make comic books and tell stories in a visual medium. He started the long, arduous journey to perfect his craft.

Marc graduated high school and went to college. Nothing to tell here. It was college. He graduated with an A.A.S. in Graphic Design Technologies and a BFA in Visual Art in 2001.

In the summer of 2005, Marc attended his first comic convention and met many of the people he now calls friends. That fall he got his first table in Artist Alley and started working towards his goal. Since then he has colored many creator-owned comic books and well as books for Bluewater Productions and Zenescope. In between conventions he hones his drawing and writing skills.

Silverstaff, a.k.a. The Conjurer, began as a glimmer in Marc Lewis’ mind some 20 years ago when he played his first ever game of Dungeons & Dragons. The character became an extension of his often-times dry humor and outlook that most things have a place and balance to them. Recently, it occurred to Marc that he should combine his love of comics and affection for Silverstaff. Thus, The Conjurer was born.